Day Care Centre "Kinderhaus Franziskus", Stuttgart-Kaltental   

The Kinderhaus Franziskus is a three-group day care centre for children from 0-6 years. The main three story cube is made of timber frame walls. The wrapped around steel-construction with prefab cocrete floors serves as escape balconies and gives constructive wood protection to the inner fassade. Contrasting the more rustic timber layer of the inner fassade, the white coloured steelwork with its sun protection panels on the west side has a much lighter and ethereal appearance.
The differenciated doube layered fassade takes the context into account as it seems to back off the existing church building.

The main access is via Burgstraße on the east side to the first floor, which contains the foyer and two kindergarten groups for 3-6 year old children. The upper floor contains spaces for the smaller children and some additional spaces. Community spaces for cooking, eating and sports or music activities are situated in the lower floor which also has access to the garden and outdoor play area.
A narrow void containing the inner stairs and void spaces spreads sunlight into the buildings depth.
It is perforated with diverse windows an openings which allows to have many diffent visual connections in the building and gives additional playing and learning options to the children.

The compact volume and an intelligent ventilation concept make the Kinderhaus a very energy efficient building. The primary energy consumption is 128 kWh/m2a which is ca. 25% lower than EnEV 2009 requires. In the sense of a long term sustainability the building parts can be easily disassembled and recycled.

From the urbanistic perspective, the Kinderhaus Franziskus represents the last module to complete the ensemble with church St. Antonius, parish hall and kindergarten. The three volumes form a central courtyard which can be used for various parish activities While the courtyard is at the northern side of the Kinderhaus, the outdoor play area is situated at its southern side with its trees and interesting topography. 


Adress: Burgstraße 25-29, 70569 Stuttgart-Kaltental, Germany

Client: Katholische Kirchengemeinde St. Antonius, Kaltental

start planning: 2010
start construction site: 2012/2014
completion: 2015

BGF: 1.015qm                                                                                                   

Design Team: Christoph Kuhn, Thomas Lehmann, Daniel Lenz, Soara Bernard

Site Management: Wiesler und Zwirlein Architekten, Stuttgart

Photographer: Achim Birnbaum